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Unusual Wedding Locations- Beach

Photo by Cindy Canham-Pitt

This past Sunday I had the pleasure of performing my first wedding ceremony on a beach. The beach was a private beach and small. It gave us enough room to walk the bride down the aisle (we parted the guests) and have a great view of the couple with the gorgeous water behind. The wind picked up and my robe billowed up around me. Also my carefully hair was torn apart by the wind. The bride wisely had her hair done up in great curls that kept her looking lovely throughout the service. 

A beach wedding can offer lovely views. It also allows for a more casual attire- the maid of honor and bride were barefoot. The groom wore a simple white shirt and slacks. The guests were also comfortably dressed. If you are lucky to have access to a beach area then you save money by not having to pay for the traditional locations. 

You can keep the wedding costs down by eliminating the extras like musicians, wedding bands etc. We followed the ceremony by going to a restaurant and having a simple buffet meal. At the end of the day the bells and whistles can be fun but the money and planning anxiety can ruin a perfect wedding. Consider simple and enjoy the day more.

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