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Blessing of an infant or child

BABY/CHILD BLESSING  (this blessing can be edited to be more or less religious or spiritual)

The altar (table) is covered with a beautiful cloth and has a small bowl with blessed water (which is blessed before the ceremony) with rose petals in it. It also has a bouquet of flowers, maybe some objects that are meaningful (maybe a collage of baby pictures of present and past family members, etc.)


Dear Friends and Family,

Good afternoon. Today is a very special day for all of us. It is a day in which we celebrate the life of this child who has been sent to us by (name of appropriate higher power). We are here to welcome her and pray for her.

You have all been invited here because, as family and closest friends, your prayers and future involvement in the life of this child are requested by Parent and Parent and blessed by (name of appropriate higher power).

Alternate: This child is our future and represents the light of the world. Parent & Parent have honored all of you today by inviting you to not only witness this beautiful welcoming ceremony, but most importantly, to participate in the blessing of this child.

Invocation: We join our thoughts and sincere goodwill, asking that a mantle of peace might embrace this family and an arc of (name of appropriate higher power)’s light surround this child for all her days.

Our lives are the legacies of those who have gone before us. The ancestors of this child are no less a part of her community than we here who are present. She is the fulfillment of the dreams of many generations. Therefore, I call upon all of her family past and present to be with us now to participate in this, blessing and welcoming ceremony.

I ask the Grandparent’s to join with me now, and repeat this prayer of blessing and protection:

Dear (name of appropriate higher power),

Thank you for the birth of this beautiful child into the world and into this family.
We offer ourselves this day as caretakers of her spirit and her mind.

May we fulfill with strength the glory of our role, in her life and lives of Parent and Parent.

May the spirit of this family, from generations past and into the future, burst forth to bless and protect this child.  Amen.

Here we can include the brothers and sisters or have them read poems marked in the sections below.

I would like the godparents to please come forward. (The Godparents hold Baby/child and the parents step back)

I remind you that you have been given an important task. It is with utmost gratitude and trust that this child’s parents ask you to play this role.

You undertake a special and lifelong interest in the welfare of their God child and to assume a more than ordinary responsibility in the welfare of this child. So, I now ask the godparents, are you, Godparent and Godparent, willing to accept this serious charge?
Godparents: We are.

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