New York City and surrounding boroughs

offered by ordained interfaith minister, Sandra Lee Schubert

Weddings - Baby Blessings - Memorial services - Blessings of all kinds (homes, businesses and special occasions) and other services.

Road of Life

We can say with some certainty what our plans will be on any given day. We may start with coffee, a shower or some exercise. Most of us go to work or school from Monday to Friday. Saturday is for shopping and errands. Sunday’s we wake up late; go to brunch or a church service. Maybe you get up and create art or work nights. A routine is not a bad thing, affording us the comfort to stretch emotionally and physically without distraction. However we have learned from experience that our comfortable routine can be jarringly disrupted. Tragedy strikes. We go to work and lose our job. A relative is stricken with a serious illness. Or we look in the mirror and realize this is not the life we had planned on living. Read More...

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