New York City and surrounding boroughs

offered by ordained interfaith minister, Sandra Lee Schubert

Weddings - Baby Blessings - Memorial services - Blessings of all kinds (homes, businesses and special occasions) and other services.


This is a wild world we live in. There is never a quiet moment. There is political unrest, economic downturns, famine, genocide, bombings all stirring things up. Just when you settle down with a nice cup of coffee something happens, the upstairs neighbors begin to fight, the phone rings, you hear something on the TV that aggravates you.

Twenty eight years ago when my mother died I could accept her death. She had suffered terribly with a chronic illness. She had lost a leg and after six months in the hospital both her mind and body had grown weak. My sister and I were also tired and emotionally wrenched. I would have gladly accepted her full recovery. But I could not accept her continued suffering.


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