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Kim Kardashian's Cautionary Tale for Brides

Read this before you begin to plan your wedding.
What Life & Style Magazine is reporting that just mere days before Kim Kardashian's big day, Kim is making big a decision. Apparently, 50 unlucky wedding guests are being told that they are no longer invited to the nuptials of the year due to space restrictions.
You are now finally engaged. Besides planning your marriage you have to begin preparations for the day when you and your beloved are joined in front of a few select family and friends.
What might have gone wrong with Kim's wedding planning? She may have chosen the reception location before finalizing her guest list.
Many brides have a dream location that has been on their wish list for a long time. However the reality of guest versus space means your location or the guests lose the wedding lottery. How can you avoid this potential problem?
First define your budget. You may have a perfect place, but, if its $10,000 over budget then perfect will not cut it. If your budget is $15,000 you will have to consider everything you will need; from gifts for the bridal party, food, music to your bridal dress and the honeymoon. Once that is figured out then you know 75 is the maximum number of guests that you can afford to invite to your wedding.
Once the budget and number of guests is defined then you can look at the location that will meet your budget, number of guests and dream party.
Learn from Kim and don't get caught having to cut the list. Enjoy the day and don't anger your friends and family.

Whoa! Kim Kardashian Is Disinviting People To Her Wedding!

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